"Unbelievable -- the SHADE IS GORGEOUS!"



“UPS just delivered the shade! I cannot believe how beautiful this lamp is (it's website picture does not do it justice) ...I am thrilled beyond words -- it has got to be the most beautiful lamp I have ever seen, and it perfectly matches the colors in my living room! ...Your team is marvelous, and your glass-blower is incredible! The shade is just "too sweet," and all the little lamp's details really give it a sweet, rich finished look! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I absolutely love it! A truly HAPPY customer”  

Frederick MD


OMG!!!  The lamps are perfect.  They are gorgeous and the perfect match for the room...colors and style.  I had another pair of yours in the room that the new ones will replace. I'm moving the older ones back to my bedroom.  I now have 6 of your lamps.  I'm truly a Kinzig home!  I'm going to take some pics this weekend when I'm finished with everything so you can see how great they look.  I'm an artist too.  I make art dolls so I appreciate great art and sooooo appreciate yours. Thank you so much.

Charlotte, NC


 “... Bobby will make my 8th Kinzig lamp and I can't wait to meet him. I was sitting in the Munich airport showing some friends your site and saw what should be the perfect final touch to my new place.”



 “I have been lusting after your lamp... finally went in and just bought it. Truly beautiful, truly inspiring. I am so lucky to have your piece in my life - I enjoy it multiple times each day. As I glance at it, it makes my heart sing!”     

 Burlingame, CA


 “The lamp arrived today & we just unwrapped it & set it up.  It is absolutely stunning!! I am so thrilled with it.   It looks even better than in the store & fits perfectly in our home. Thank you so much for all your help getting it to us safely.  The lamp is truly a work of art.”    



  “I have been meaning to write to you since my beautiful Olivia arrived. The lamp is a work of art and goes perfectly in my bedroom. It brings a smile to my face whenever I walk in the room. Thank you for brightening up my days.”    

  Boston, MA


 “We recently received two Mariannes, a Florence, a Betty, and a Jane in great shape!! They look beautiful in our new home, which was built because we lost our home and everything in it to a fire two years ago. Your lovely, warm lamps are helping us to create a NEW home and a new story.”  

 Burlington, VT


 “I have been covetously admiring your lamps for over a year. The colors were perfect for my living room and the price was the same as my tax refund. There are many other things I should have spent the money on, but now I am the proud owner of one of your lamps. I will never regret this purchase. It is a wonderful piece of art.”     

 Chestnut Hill, PA


  “Absolutely beautiful lamps!! I have been on your website looking around and I am just blown away! You are angels in design. What a powerful partnership!”    

 Houston, TX


 “I received one of your lamps as a gift from a Realtor and keep it in my office. I enjoy it so much. Beautiful lamps are like good jewelry.”    

Denver, CO


 “I just wanted to tell you how much I love your lamps. I had the wonderful pleasure of moving and starting over in the design of my home. They became very much a part of my house art.”

 San Francisco, CA


  “I was just browsing the web; looking for a table lamp, when I stumbled upon your work. I wanted to tell you that I was totally awestruck when I saw your lamps. They are some of the most beautiful works of art that I have ever seen! Your gift for color and texture is amazing. Excellent work!!”


 “I wanted to let you know we received the lamp and it is perfect!  We love it. The craftsmanship is outstanding. It is beautifully designed.  The lampshade interiors stitching is meticulous.  Thanks again for your hard work.”  

 Laguna Beach, CA