Kinzig Design studios create lamps and jewelry artistically handcrafted in the US by sisters-in-law Susan and Caryn Kinzig. Each piece incorporates their distinctive designs with a celebration of color and texture to be treasured for generations.

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While our designs set us apart, we are known for the high quality of our materials and workmanship.  Each lamp is made from solid brass and features vibrant glass that is hand blown by accomplished artisans. The distinctive shades are sewn from embroidered silks and other elegant fabrics. The nature of our materials and processes makes each lamp unique; no two will be exactly alike.  

With sensuous shapes and timeless appeal, the ever changing collection consists of more than 100 lamps ranging from contemporary to traditional in style.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can explore other possibilities. 


“After three decades, I’m still fascinated with the use of different materials and textures.  It’s the design, though, that guides my work from beginning to end.  Each piece can be viewed as a small kinetic sculpture dancing with the human form.”  Susan Kinzig 

Many of the pieces are inspired by nature, featuring leaves, flowers and buds reimagined as graphic shapes framed in sterling silver and gold vermeil with patterns that are created using pearls, gemstones, polymer clay and mosaic inlays.